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    1. ROS Tutorials

      Non-Beginners: If you're already familiar enough with ROS fuerte or earlier versions and only want to explore the new build system introduced in groovy and used in hydro and later, called catkin, you can go through more in-depth catkin tutorial here. However, going over all basic Beginner Level tutorials is still recommended for all users to get exposed to new features.

      If you are new to Linux: You may find it helpful to first do a quick tutorial on common command line tools for linux. A good one is here.

      Core ROS Tutorials

      Beginner Level

      1. Installing and Configuring Your ROS Environment

        This tutorial walks you through installing ROS and setting up the ROS environment on your computer.

      2. Navigating the ROS Filesystem

        This tutorial introduces ROS filesystem concepts, and covers using the roscd, rosls, and rospack commandline tools.

      3. Creating a ROS Package

        This tutorial covers using roscreate-pkg or catkin to create a new package, and rospack to list package dependencies.

      4. Building a ROS Package

        This tutorial covers the toolchain to build a package.

      5. Understanding ROS Nodes

        This tutorial introduces ROS graph concepts and discusses the use of roscore, rosnode, and rosrun commandline tools.

      6. Understanding ROS Topics

        This tutorial introduces ROS topics as well as using the rostopic and rqt_plot commandline tools.

      7. Understanding ROS Services and Parameters

        This tutorial introduces ROS services, and parameters as well as using the rosservice and rosparam commandline tools.

      8. Using rqt_console and roslaunch

        This tutorial introduces ROS using rqt_console and rqt_logger_level for debugging and roslaunch for starting many nodes at once. If you use ROS fuerte or ealier distros where rqt isn't fully available, please see this page with this page that uses old rx based tools.

      9. Using rosed to edit files in ROS

        This tutorial shows how to use rosed to make editing easier.

      10. Creating a ROS msg and srv

        This tutorial covers how to create and build msg and srv files as well as the rosmsg, rossrv and roscp commandline tools.

      11. Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (C++)

        This tutorial covers how to write a publisher and subscriber node in C++.

      12. Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (Python)

        This tutorial covers how to write a publisher and subscriber node in python.

      13. Examining the Simple Publisher and Subscriber

        This tutorial examines running the simple publisher and subscriber.

      14. Writing a Simple Service and Client (C++)

        This tutorial covers how to write a service and client node in C++.

      15. Writing a Simple Service and Client (Python)

        This tutorial covers how to write a service and client node in python.

      16. Examining the Simple Service and Client

        This tutorial examines running the simple service and client.

      17. Recording and playing back data

        This tutorial will teach you how to record data from a running ROS system into a .bag file, and then to play back the data to produce similar behavior in a running system

      18. Reading messages from a bag file

        Learn two ways to read messages from desired topics in a bag file, including using the ros_readbagfile script.

      19. Getting started with roswtf

        Basic introduction to the roswtf tool.

      20. Navigating the ROS wiki

        This tutorial discusses the layout of the ROS wiki (www.112guakao.com) and talks about how to find what you want to know.

      21. Where Next?

        This tutorial discusses options for getting to know more about using ROS on real or simulated robots.

      Now that you have completed the beginner level tutorials please answer this short questionnaire.

      Intermediate Level

      More client API tutorials can be found in the relevant package (roscpp, rospy, roslisp)

      1. Creating a ROS package by hand.

        This tutorial explains how to manually create a ROS package.

      2. Managing System dependencies

        This explains how to use rosdep to install system dependencies.

      3. Roslaunch tips for large projects

        This tutorial describes some tips for writing roslaunch files for large projects. The focus is on how to structure launch files so they may be reused as much as possible in different situations. We'll use the 2dnav_pr2 package as a case study.

      4. Running ROS across multiple machines

        This tutorial explains how to start a ROS system using two machines. It explains the use of ROS_MASTER_URI to configure multiple machines to use a single master.

      5. Defining Custom Messages

        This tutorial will show you how to define your own custom message data types using the ROS Message Description Language.

      6. Using a C++ class in Python

        This tutorial illustrates a way to use a C++ class with ROS messages in Python.

      7. Packaging your ROS project as a snap

        This tutorial covers how to package and deploy your ROS project as a snap.

      8. How to Write a Tutorial

        This tutorial covers useful template and macros for writing tutorials, along with example tutorials that are available for guidance on ros.org

      ROS Standards

      Tutorials for Other ROS Libraries

      Tutorials for Libraries with ROS Interfaces

      External ROS Resources

      External Tutorials

      External Seminar/Lecture

      Using ROS on your custom Robot

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